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Cleangreen Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

Clean Green is a division of Apex Maintenance Products dedicated to the homeowners and professional office space. Clean Green Customers receive healthy, energy efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning products and supplies world and your health are important to Clean Green.

The Clean Green Store believes technology and science are not bad things. They have enabled use to improve our lives beyond anyone’s dreams. Jointly, we have an obligation to determine what impact that development has upon or environment. Clean Green seeks to minimize our carbon footprint upon the earth and leave a better planet for future generations.

We all have responsibility over what enters into our homes. Clean Green products try to eliminate the amount of toxic chemicals that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

Our goal is to protect the well-being of our customers, the homes they live in, and their surroundings. This cannot be accomplished by simply using natural cleaning supplies; so much more needs to be changed. We provide easy access to healthy cleaning supplies, appliances, personal care products, new technology and more without substituting product efficiency. By choosing Clean Green, your office and home can be healthier simultaneously.

apex janitorial services “Mid Atlantic Management has employed APEX at multiple sites for many years. Their fine details to the properties and adjoining grounds exceeds expectations on a daily basis as well as their availability to assist in situations that are not part of the contract. It is a pleasure to have been able to continually renew their contracts because we trust the quality of their work.” Bryn H. Cushman CMCA AMS PCAM
Regional Director
Mid-Atlantic Management Corporation
Newtown Square, PA
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